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D200 Small Area Battling Game
D200 Small Area Battling Game
Key Points:
Transition between the four game playing roles. 1-player with the puck, 2-player supporting on offense, 3-player checking the puck carrier, 4-player covering other offensive players. They are also transitioning between the three game situations 0-loose puck, 1-offense, 2-defense.
Players always have a role to play in the transition between game situations and must think quickly and use good technique.
1. Put the nets facing each other about 10 metres apart. Play from 1-1 to 3-3 including odd man situations. Extra players wait at one side.
2. Coach pass a puck in and the players battle and try to score.
3. Take 20 second shifts,
4. Keep score.
5. Coach shoot in a new puck on a goal or if the puck is shot out of the zone.
6. Focus on the players battling with good habits and quick decisions.
7. Race out when the time is up and leave the puck in play (option is to pass to a teammate who is first in line.)
8. Nets can be close to the boards or in open ice.

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