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DT100 Continuous 1-1 HC Dukla U20
DT100 Continuous 1-1
Key Points:
Forward gets support from a defenseman and the D gets support from a forward.
1.Forwards line up in the neutral zone on one side and D on the other on their offensive side of the red line.
2.Start with a 1-1 and the supporting players join the play when the puck enters the zone and play 2-2.
3.This is a game and not a drill, so no whistles. Original players leave when the puck is carried over the blue line and there is a 1-1 the other way with the players who supported.
4.If the puck is dumped out the players stay on and regroup.
5.Situations up to a 3-2 each way can be practiced with this flow.

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Media ID 20100821121211421  
Date Saturday, August 21 2010 @ 04:12 PM GMT
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