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DT100 x 2 Backchecking Transition - Dukla
DT100 Game with F Backchecking x 2 Dukla
Key Points:
The original attacker backcheck and tie up the attacker stick if there is a shot.
Great game to work on speed in the attack and good defensive habits.
1. Start by attacking 1-1.
2. New player give passive support above circles.
3. On breakout pass to supporting player while original attacker backcheck.
4.Supporting player can take away the puck if it comes above the circles.
5. Backcheck hard and tie up the stick on rebounds.
7. Battle for loose pucks.
8. Backchecker make sure there is no second shot and goalie clear the rebound.

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Saturday, August 21 2010 @ 03:42 PM GMT
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Media ID 20100821114214589  
Date Saturday, August 21 2010 @ 03:42 PM GMT
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Views 4648
Keywords breakout, 1 on 1, tight gap, quick up, fast attack, backcheck, tie up stick, rebound control, defensive support, get open
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