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D200 Swedish Cross Ice Game
D200 Swedish Cross Ice Game of 1-1

Key Points:
Players use the moves in a game situation that they just practiced in drills. Encourage the players to be creative and remember that the key to stickhandling is to protect use the body to protect the puck. Sell the fakes to make the defender straighten his/her knees or turn or lunge for the puck and use this instant to go around them and then block their recovery with your body.

1. Use regulation and small nets as well as small tires. In this situation have 4 cross ice games at once, one at each end and two in the neutral zone. This varies with the amount of players.
2. Play 30-40” and then switch on the whistle.
3. Variations are possible. Play round robin or king�s court tournaments.
4. Add jokers, i.e. resting player at defending goal line and regroup when you get the puck
5. Jokers at the offensive goal line and require a give and go pass before scoring.

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Date Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 11:11 PM GMT
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