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When the players have learned the basic skills by doing one way drills where offensive or defensive responsibility is repeated but there is no transition, then it is time to practice using the skills in more realistic situations that demand both good technique and game understanding.

In transition games the players work on all of the various game situations from the basic 1 on 1 skills to 5 on 6. Quick transition from offense to defense and from defense to offense is emphasized with the theme that; “you must always attack so that you can defend and defend so that you can attack.”
Transition games allow the coach to create any numerical situation that happens in a hockey game and the players practice the situation under game pressure in the same zone as it would occur in a game.
Levels 3 and 4 show transition games where players passively wait in the neutral zone and become active when the puck is passed over the blue line. These games can be used to create power play and penalty situations or to create various numerical situations at each end.
In level 5 and 6 transition games the players come into and leave the play according to the game situation so the coach doesn�t have to be continually blowing his/her whistle, but is free to talk to the players as the game is going on.

Any of the game formations can be used for transition games. The D200 cross ice games and D600, D700, and D800 small area formations use the same rules as the D100 and D400 transition games that are discussed in the video.

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