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B200 Chaos Puckhandling 2
A200 Chaos Puck Handling
Key Points:
Make moves, protect the puck, go hard on the whistle. Designate moves, add pucks, play keepaway, use ball, multiple pucks, etc.
1. Carry a puck and protect it while skating in random directions. Stay in the zone.
2. Go hard for about 5" on the whistle and slow down on the next whistle.
3. Coach designate the move to be practiced, i.e, tight turn when you approach someone.
4. Exchange pucks-pass with eye contact.
5. Spread pucks around which also must be avoided.
6.Keepaway-coach take a puck away every 10".

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Media ID 20080722090625893  
Date Monday, June 16 2014 @ 05:09 PM GMT
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