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B5 Breakouts With 2 D
Key Points:
Defense practice D to D passes and communicate with each other.
1. Over - the pass from D1 is made behind the net to D2 on the other side.
2. Reverse - D1 drive skates to the back of the net and bounces it off the boards towards the corner to D2.
1. Coach shoots the puck in to one side.
2. D1 skates back to forward, shoulder checks and picks up the puck.
3. D2 skates to net front and calls over and moves to the other side for a pass behind.
4. D2 pass to a forwards on the wall or up the middle.
5. F1 pass back to D2 and D2 pass up to F2.
6. F's pass wide and skate to the middle.
7. F's attack 2-0.
8. Coach pass to D2 who followed the attack.
9. D2 shoot while F1 and F2 screen.

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