Maximum Goal Scoring

Former NHL player Morris Lukowich has created a program to maximize a players ability to score. Morris was a goal scorer in the NHL with Winnipeg and L.A. He shares his techniques as well as techniques other top NHL goal scorers use. 


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Saturday, November 19 2011 @ 03:50 PM UTC Reply to This |
Hi Fellow Coaches and Development Coordinators

Get it all with the Thumb Drive From Hockey Coaching ABC's. It is totally loaded with information. Not just what is in the Hockey Manuals sold on site but twice as much ranging for all aspects of hockey. Please give a Donation and you won't ever regret it. Not only coaches but Development Coordinators in every Association would love to have this info. I have the Thumb Drive and I am amazed at all the information stored on it. Thanks Tom for making such a valuable Coaching tool in such a small package.

Gary Peverelle
Queens County Minor Hockey
Liverpool, NS
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